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LazyBones is currently recruiting Level 30+ players and anyone else we like well enough to abduct. We're cutting anyone who is either inactive without an excuse, does not talk, or who is too lazy to level up. Former members and affiliated CoG players are also welcome here.
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Skip battles for free

BrunoSĀ³, Aug 2, 11 3:04 PM.
Almost no one in the game knows this, so I figured a lot of our guildies wouldn't either... You can skip battles for free if you use all your coupons (0 coupons on top left) and then select coupons (do *NOT* select gold ><) and try it whenever you think battle has reached its middle, if it did already pass its mid-time it'll skip for free :3 Enjoy~


BossFoxWood, Jul 31, 11 6:51 AM.
Hey, this is FoxWood.

I haven't been able to log on as much lately and my schedule will probably be getting busier.

For now, ChaosWolf is your new daddy.=}

I might try to become the guild archon again at a later date, but for right now I'm leaving it in good hands.

Don't think I don't still have a tracer around your balls though. One word from Wolfie and...*squish*.


BossFoxWood, Jun 29, 11 4:13 PM.

Winners of the Player Rankings Contest(Aeria Server 2)From LazyBones


17th hikory

18th Killaa

19th Amarylis

22nd Dragoth

39th Thane

40th Scarab

45th Kos

46th olMan

49th JeffNinja


BossFoxWood, Jun 28, 11 12:32 PM.
Killaa sent a goodbye mail to me.

Please go read it and leave a reply if you wish.

The Thread is here.


BossFoxWood, Jun 26, 11 10:27 PM.
JeffNinja helped me find today's moral.

"Family is family. Stick with that over your convoluted notions of what is true and what is owed."
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